So, it’s been a while.

October 10, 2008

I didn’t actually realise I hadn’t updated this since April.
Pretty much ever since then I’ve been meaning to do another entry. Particularly after I received the “highly demanding and belligerent encouragement” from WordPress user Ideogenetic. They were the one that gave me the idea to become involved with NaNoWriMo actually. I wish I had a way of getting in touch with them.
I’d also like to thank Wirrow for showing a positive interest in my blog. Even if these two people are the only ones who read it, that’s honestly enough for me. If people who I’ve never met know I exist, that’s amazing.
I’d love to be able to thank them for reigniting my creative urges.
That sounded more seedily erotic than I would have liked.
In the last entry I talked about how I should only put things up here that I’m completely proud of. I think I still believe it should be like that, but I’ve calmed myself down somewhat. I’ve just started University, and I don’t have the time or energy to be unnecessarily pedantic. I am doing a full time Criminology course, but we’ve also been told to take Sociology alongside it. I’ve never had any interest in the subject, didn’t really know much about it if I’m honest. Had my first seminar this past Wednesday night (Yes, it’s a night class, which is a bit of a double edged sword.) and oh, sweet Mary Mother of God. It looks as though it will be incredible. The lecturer posed a question to the class, and for the next hour, we basically just had a conversation between us all. He’s also really enthusiastic about his subject, you can tell he’s excited to shove knowledge into our heads. Violently. Although as an ice breaker he asked us what fruit/ vegetable and animal we would be.
If you’re wondering, goldfish, because I’m forgetful.
If you’re wondering, goldfish, because I’m forgetful. Potato because, whilst they aren’t particularly exciting, you can’t have Sunday lunch without them.
Another point of notice, whilst it came to a girl later on, she said, “Oh no. I’ve forgotten all the vegetables.”

Why is it I can only update this at stupid o’clock in the morning?
I think the people on Gilmore Girls talk at the rate that I think. And only about 5% of those thoughts aren’t telling me to put something on my head.
Well, this has been lovely. It really has. Even though I always say this, I hope to do this more often, even if just to document things the girl in my Sociology class says.