Election discussion

November 4, 2008

There is this kid who was in my year in secondary school, and I never once spoke to him. Literally. Even though we sort of had the same friends, we never said a word to each other. For some reason, as is apparently the norm with people you’ve had no prior interaction with, he added me on Facebook.
My latest update read, “Laura Reynolds really, really hopes Barack gets it.”

This just occurred:
11:53pm Alexander:
why on earth would you want barack to get it?!
Why would you not? Republican policies are backward, I can’t understand where they are coming from in the slightest
12:04am Laura
Democrats want a higher minimum wage, the right to abortion, renewable energy and affordable healthcare

It is twenty minutes later and there has been no response. I’ll let you know if anything goes down.
John McCain is his profile picture, and his personal message reads “4/11/08; Change is coming…”
How I wish I was a US citizen, so I could vote.


One Response to “Election discussion”

  1. Andrew said

    It’s always interesting to find out the people who felt acquainted with you from high (secondary) school.

    If the polls are anything close to accurate (and I’ve read articles on two separate phenomena which under-represent support for Obama by up to 4 or 10%pts), Obama will win by landslide, possibly even taken republican states in the midwest and south. My state, Virginia, might go democratic for the first time since Truman, excepting Lyndon Johnson. We voted against Kennedy, but went for Nixon 5 times, 2 as VP and 3 as Prez candidate. But Obama has changed the tied, which is amazing. I’m actually more excited about the unity in voting than I am in having a democratic president. Several states in the south are leaning/might go democratic. That the possibility is even there is amazing to me, even more so with a person who is black.

    I am no optimistic that Obama’s presidency will amount to much in the way of change. Dems are ineffective and unorganized. Dem controlled congress passed legislature protecting phone companies which illegally and unconstitutionally forfeited client records/info to the government. All change is coming from the states, the dems just need to not prevent the states from saving themselves.

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