Some “interesting” facts

November 11, 2008

At this present moment, I am sat in the library of my university. I should be in a lecture. Whoops.
I thought I would take this opportunity, as I am already procrastinating, to talk about some semi- interesting things that I think are important in my life.

In Year 10 (Ages 14-15, I don’t know what grade that would be- you work it out. Yes, there is homework now.), I had a teacher called Mrs McHugh. She was a lovely middle aged woman, rather eccentric and had the faint aroma of cigarette smoke. Over the course of two lessons, she made us watch Dead Poets Society. I have to say, this is probably the greatest film that I know of. It gets me every time. Anyhow, that’s by the by.
Sorry to spoil it for you, but I have to. The teacher within the story is played by Robin Williams, who is blamed for the suicide of a boy he teaches, because he had inspired him to follow what he believed in. As he enters his classroom to gather his personal effects, after having been fired, his class is being taught by the head of the school in the interim before finding a replacement teacher. He walks past Todd, the shy boy he encouraged to come out of his shell, who wishes to speak but seemingly can’t find the right words. As Robin Williams reaches out his hand to open the door to leave for the final time, Todd shouts out, and urges his teacher to understand that they don’t blame him for the death of their friend.
The head becomes angered by this outburst, and instructs Mr Keating to leave. Todd then climbs on top of his desk, and says, “O captain, my captain”, a reference to a Walt Whitman poem. It is highly symbolic, as it lets Mr Keating know he is behind him. Soon, more and more boys stand on their desks, until the majority are showing their support. Mr Keating says, “Thank you boys.” and the film is over. It is a beautiful, beautiful moment.
This brings me to my part in this tale. Mrs McHugh was retiring, and we were her final class.
Some people may already be ahead of me here.
She left the room to pick up the ice creams she had bought us all from the downstairs canteen, and upon her return, one by one, we stood on our desks and said, “O captain, my captain.” At first she looked shocked, after all, we could have been gearing up to trash the classroom. But then she fell to her knees, and bowed down to us, tears in her eyes.
This still brings a smile to my face. After that, she stood up, we ate ice cream, and all was well.
She got me my only A* at GCSE, and that was probably no easy task. True genius.

The next tiny snippet of my life I want to put forward happened fairly recently, within the past month. There is a service where you can text any question to a certain number, 24/7, and they will answer it pretty much immediately. When we were in the bus station, waiting to go to my boyfriend’s house, he asked it, “What DVD should my girlfriend Laura Reynolds and I watch when eating our pizza later?” A couple of minutes later, it told us to watch ‘Gone Baby Gone’, and to have some tissues ready. We were disappointed, as we didn’t own it. But we had pizza, so we weren’t too bothered.
A couple of weeks later, we were going to his house again, this time walking, when he suddenly points at something shiny on the floor and, in an incredulous tone, says, “That’s it!” I thought he’d gone loopy. When I realised he was pointing to the floor, I looked and there was a DVD with ‘Gone Baby Gone’ handwritten on it.

The final input to this blog happened last Wednesday. I was in my night class of Sociology, and we were talking about domestic violence and sex offenders. Nice, cheery subject, I know. This is the conversation between myself and some girls in my class that took place:
Colleen: I think if you’re a sex offender, there should be a database that anyone can access to see if you’re on it.
Marie: But then, anyone might alter it and say someone is a sex offender when they aren’t.
Colleen: Well no, obviously only the police would have access to it. The public couldn’t change it.
Me: That’d be like Wikipaedo.

Three events that I think are relevant to giving you an accurate interpretation of my life.


One Response to “Some “interesting” facts”

  1. Andrew said

    Very moving story about your teacher, nicely done. 14-15 is 9th grade in the US. Creepy about the DVD. We have a National Sex Offender Registry which you can google and see on a map all the sex offenders living near by and like where they work and how close they are to schools. Turns out there’s an attempted rapist works at a local pizzeria. I kind of wish I hadn’t looked at the map, now I’m paranoid and sad.

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