Some old gems of blogs that I discovered on Hi5:

Bridget Jones
Nov 14, 2004 11:49 PM

Today I was doing homework all day. Fun (not). Then I went to see Bridget Jones
with my good friend Kathryn, which was rather amusing. Kathryn happened to
be drinking water at the same time as I said the man next to her had three feet,
and was some kind of mutant. She presently choked on her water and began
coughing insanely. It was rather funny to watch. I highly recommend making
someone laugh and watch them choke. They can choke on anything except
cheese, like at Pizza Hut that one time… lets not go into that. Let’s just say,
there was me, Kathryn, Jessi and Georgie at Pizza Hut and one of us had a little
mishap with some cheese. The less said, the better.
Note: I still talk like this. However, I must have went through an awkward
stage where I went a bit mad, and my brain dissolved a bit. Cue, following blog.
Jan 30, 2006 10:24 PM

I used to be SO gay.
Not in the lesbian sense, of course. In the retarded way, I mean.
I haven’t written in here in ages.
Probably a good thing.
Actually, last time I used this profile, I had been seeing James for two
months. Now it’s like *mental maths* fifteen months.
See, I’m cool.
Well, I’m bored.
Laturrrs ‘taturrrs.
Note: I would like to take this opportunity to clarify I have never
thought “gay” was equal to “strange”. I was just insane, and maybe
trying to be cooler than I was. I no longer try, and thus am weird,
but comfortable with that.

Reading is a major part of my life.
I honestly cannot remember a time when I haven’t been reading at least one book. Because of my penchant for books, my parents told me I could only read from 7am onwards. I can remember reading through the night and when it reached that time, feeling as though I’d achieved something because I didn’t have to sneak around and cough when I turned the pages to disguise the sound. And I couldn’t count the times I woke up to my mother coming into my room and carefully removing the book from my hands I’d fallen asleep reading.
Even now, I have shelves upon shelves of books. There are still some I haven’t gotten through from the Christmas before last. There’s just something to be said about curling up in a comfortable chair in front of the fire with a good book. Or alternatively, collapsing in bed at 3am, bleary eyed and freezing, and reading. No matter the circumstance, it’s often easier getting to sleep after a good long read.
I feel an affinity with authors. As a primary school child, from the age of about 4 until I was 11, I was somewhere that encouraged my fledgling writing ability and love of literature. However upon transitioning into secondary school, that seems to have changed. The school I attended was strict and highly regimented. They were eager to strip any individuality away, and make the school body perform as a unit.
Although I can’t blame them entirely for the amount of writing I was doing slowly dwindling; I couldn’t have expected to write stories about my outing to the shops every day. But the lessons became more structured, and you were encouraged to write your own works less and less. Even in essays they are looking for a particular structure and content, so each student turned out largely the same result, as we’d all experienced the same teaching.
Whether it’s because it’s a childish ambition, or something more substantial, I would love nothing more to be a successful author, but as time progresses, I feel as though I have less of an opportunity to do so. I’m not enrolled in a creative writing course, and I haven’t done any fiction outside of NaNoWriMo. It’s not because I’m inherently lazy, although I certainly am that. It’s not because there are currently external factors that are causing my entire familys’ plans to be put on hold. I just don’t think I have a belief in myself anymore.
Not meaning to be all self-depricating. I’ll sort myself out soon enough. I have a friend that has recently revealed his similar creative enthusiasm to me, and he’s kicking himself into gear, so he’ll more than likely have the same effect on me.
If not, I’ll just watch Teleshopping at silly hours of the morning. Oh wai-

In fairness, I’ve not been away as long as I have in the past. But this absence is inexcusable.
Actually, I have a reason, but I might not disclose it at the minute. Probably will in the future, because it’s ok to do it here. Reasons why:
1) Because very few, if any, read this.
2) Because I can.

I was going to leave it there, but have decided to add a third point:
3) Because I am going to try and document my life as much as humanly possible, and if it’s not done before long, it might all slip away from my brain like a bubbling stream of lava.
That might be a bit painful though.

To prove I am in fact still active, following this mini hiatus, I am going to supply a blog I did way back in the day. Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

‘housekeeping’ blog
Current mood:your mother!

recently i’ve really bought into the whole youtube phonomena. probably not a wise idea so close to exams, but if i fail, i’ll just become a gypsy, travelling the country begging tourists to buy my pottery. besides, it’s not like i even make videos, spending countless hours recording, editing, integrating sound effects and whatever else is involved. i’ve never made a proper video, so you can forgive my ignorance. i’ve seen some videos, and most are really popular, so it’s not like i’m the only one watching them, but they just really .. not ‘inspire’ because that’s a retarded word, but motivate me to connect with people more. it’s on totally unrelated to anything videos too. just that that person’s sheer creativity can affect so many people worldwide. it makes me think, how am i actually presenting myself? because i know most people reckon i’m a mardy cow, or that i’m mentally unhinged. and i am. but only teeny tiny bits of me are. i’m not being all preachy, and saying i’m the fucking best person in the world, and bla bla bla i’m so worth getting to know! fuck off. but i’m not about to be all self-deprecating, and say i’m not worth your time. however, i can actually piss about, yeh? bin olympics is the highlight of my wednesday morning. and i proper love my friends. more than that though, i respect them to fuck. yes, everyone says they have the best friends in the world, bbfl and all that, and yeh it’s logical to like the people you spend most time with. tit. fact is, i don’t say it enough, if at all. i come across better on the internet, so i reckon, plausibly, this is my only outlet. each one of you, even if we don’t talk any more, affected me in some way. and even if it was to make me realise how much of a wanker people can be (whey!) it’s probably better in the long run, so aye, cheers for that.
this blog has no direction. i’ll probably delete it in the morning, and repost the relevant points. of which there are none.
if i’m harsh to anyone, sorry in advance. also sometimes i get too distracted to answer comments or messages for months on end. i promise, i will get back to you. there’s stuff happening at the minute (oh no, not another emo! close the browser, close the browser!) that’s going to mean i can’t be at the pc constantly. oh but believe me, i’ll try my hardest.
there were actually some issues i wanted to cover in this, believe it or not. and irrelevant as to whether anyone reads this, or gets this far (i hate long blogs myself, but i can talk about shit for hours.), i’m not bothered. this is more for me really, than anything else. but now i’ve decided that you’re just people on the internet, and possibly a paedophile, so i’m going to stop now.
i miss gin.
in short: however i act, and whatever i say, ignore it. don’t take me at face value, because you’ll probably think i’m a complete tosser. and i know shit all about anything. but i’m still smarter than andrew. remember that.
and if you read this in an australian accent, it sounds so much better (H)

If you take away nothing else from this, just realise that using correct capitalisation is your friend. Clearly this had slipped the mind of 16 year old me.
Providing this is a success (read: if I feel like it), I might post some other old blogs. However, I don’t think I’ve changed at any point in my life, so it might just be like me typing now.