Two in one! (I’m going to fix this, don’t panic.)

January 28, 2009

Some old gems of blogs that I discovered on Hi5:

Bridget Jones
Nov 14, 2004 11:49 PM

Today I was doing homework all day. Fun (not). Then I went to see Bridget Jones
with my good friend Kathryn, which was rather amusing. Kathryn happened to
be drinking water at the same time as I said the man next to her had three feet,
and was some kind of mutant. She presently choked on her water and began
coughing insanely. It was rather funny to watch. I highly recommend making
someone laugh and watch them choke. They can choke on anything except
cheese, like at Pizza Hut that one time… lets not go into that. Let’s just say,
there was me, Kathryn, Jessi and Georgie at Pizza Hut and one of us had a little
mishap with some cheese. The less said, the better.
Note: I still talk like this. However, I must have went through an awkward
stage where I went a bit mad, and my brain dissolved a bit. Cue, following blog.
Jan 30, 2006 10:24 PM

I used to be SO gay.
Not in the lesbian sense, of course. In the retarded way, I mean.
I haven’t written in here in ages.
Probably a good thing.
Actually, last time I used this profile, I had been seeing James for two
months. Now it’s like *mental maths* fifteen months.
See, I’m cool.
Well, I’m bored.
Laturrrs ‘taturrrs.
Note: I would like to take this opportunity to clarify I have never
thought “gay” was equal to “strange”. I was just insane, and maybe
trying to be cooler than I was. I no longer try, and thus am weird,
but comfortable with that.

One Response to “Two in one! (I’m going to fix this, don’t panic.)”

  1. Andrew said

    14 and 16 generally aren’t good ages for brains not being mush.

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