May 16, 2009

I was just having a peruse on Twitter there (@SmartieLove; go on kids, follow me. You know you’d love it.) and Joel Madden, lead singer of my all time favourite band Good Charlotte, posted a link. It was to a YouTube video where Benji and Joel had gotten into an argument, leading Benji to storm out. This part is fairly irrelevant. However I was scanning the related videos and saw one with the tagline “Joel tells Benji to shut up”. Clearly I am a glutton for Good Charlotte based anger. I thought nothing about the thumbnail looking familiar, as I realise their setup must have been similar throughout their 2007 tour, which I went to a date of.
No no. Well, probably, yes. But the reason it looked familiar is because it was shot on the night I was there. And, from just in front of where I would have been standing. I can even hear my best friend shouting and singing. This tickled me so much I needed to blog about it. I love coincidences like this. It enriches my day somewhat.

Don’t say I never give you links.

In unrelated news, I just discovered (via the source of undeniable truth, Facebook) that one of my friends is about to become a dad. I’ve been friends with him probably about 2 and a half years, and he’s a good laugh. Only thing is, he’s a party boy if ever there was one. He’s had more girlfriends than I’ve had hot dinners. Speaking of which, I love hot dinners. If anyone wants to mail me some, I’d be more than happy. Anyway, I think this could be a really good thing for him. I’m proper made up about it. Well done kid. I know there wasn’t much skill involved, but good work anyway 😉

Oh, and my head is sorted now. Thanks go to Andrew for his kind words of support. I only have 2 more essays and an exam to do, and then Uni is finished for 4 months. Life is looking awesome.