July 3, 2009

Last night I was at my local hairdressers when the woman who washes the hair, Joy, started passing around a photo. It was of one of the girls who cuts hair, Lorna, with her grandmother and, of all people, Michael Jackson. Supposedly he had been in the area, and judging from both his style and her height, it was maybe 20 years ago. My initial reaction was disbelief. Of course this isn’t Michael Jackson. Surely this is just some bloke dressed up. He’s got the hat, the loose bits of hair in his face, the glove. This is too much of a caricature of him to be real. Then I realised, obviously he must have looked like this at some point for people to copy him. Most of the footage I’ve seen of him is more recent, after having copious amounts of surgery. I’d hardly be a good judge on whether it’s actually Michael Jackson or not.

Then I think my disbelief was reinforced, as they were stood in what appeared to be a school canteen. Very showbiz, “MJ”.


One Response to “MJ”

  1. Andrew said

    What’s a school canteen? And you do recall, MJ loved the kids, he probably was at all kinds of schools.

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