July 4, 2009

It is currently 3:16am and I am still awake. What have I been doing all this time, I hear you ask. Well, trolling Facebook. Naturally.

Things I have learned:
– A boy and a girl I used to go to primary school with are now a couple. I can’t work out if this is cute or creepy.
– A boy from the year above me in primary school lists his religious views as “Egnostic”
– A girl from the year above me in primary school lists her political views as “Fuk all”
– A girl from my tutor group in secondary school, who left in year 9 to have a baby, lists one of her interests as “spendin time wit my sexy little daughter”. This is most definitely wrong. She’ll have a Playboy tattoo and whore earrings before you know it.

Christ, man. I know some fuckwits.


3 Responses to “Sleeptiem?”

  1. Andrew said

    I think the titled answers its own question.
    I was hanging out with some high school friends the other day, we were discussing how the 5 year reunion got shot down because nobody thought it was a good idea. We talked about the 10 year and someone said “it’ll be cool to see who got fat and who has kids etc…” but the thing is, with facebook we all knew who got fat and who had kids. The internet will probably kill reunions.
    Something I learned:
    One of a friend’s 3 favorite bands is a space. As in, “band, ,band.”
    I’m curious as to what this space band sounds like (presumably space rock?), but haven’t a clue how to search them out.

  2. Ruth said

    You’ve been discovered!
    Saw your blog entry feat. glittery jesus, there was many a chuckle on this end. I might get one, swine flu has infested our house and I am counting down the days till tamiflu turns Christa into a zombie and I have to set fire to her. Could do with some encouragement.

  3. laubrau said

    Andrew – Facebook does horrible things for school reunions. I’m sure people just look fatter and more orange in person, and then you can’t even mock them, which is really the entire point of Facebook.

    Ruth – Consider this your encouragement. If you set Christa alight, film it and stick it on YouTube?

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