Aah, Internet

August 2, 2009

World Wide Web, you are a fickle mistress.
On the one hand, you let me keep in touch with (some) school friends, make new ones through the medium of YouTube (I’ll get to that later) and allow me to vent, which I have done on so many occasions (case in point).
However, you also let school amigos stumble upon my aforementioned YouTube account, and derive great pleasure from passing the link around, leading to the subsequent removal of said videos.
You know internet, I’m a huge fan. When I’m not planning new ways in which my former schoolmates can ridicule me, I’m quite the active user. I should maybe rethink that. I could probably use my time more productively, and devote 100% effort towards letting people I no longer speak to take the piss out of me. Come on, slacker.


2 Responses to “Aah, Internet”

  1. Andrew said

    Just because you went to school with douchebags doesn’t mean you should quit youtubing. I hope you made them private instead of deleting, if so, share them with me.

  2. laubrau said

    I am going to reupload and then private them. And then more videos will appear. I’m hoping this isn’t just 4am madness.

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