Veronica Mars

August 6, 2009

I think that if you want to rationalise staying up until gone 3am, you need to be doing something productive. Voila.
It’ll probably come as no surprise to a select few that this blog will heavily feature the TV series Veronica Mars. And if you have no idea what that is, I thoroughly suggest educating yourself because if you have a modicum of sense, you will love it.
I’m not ashamed to admit, Veronica Mars is something I hold close to my heart. Not just for the high quality of acting and writing, but because it is something in which my parents and I have a common interest. I find that there are not many things you can enjoy with your parents, however much that lives up to the typical teenage stereotype. So this love of the series is something I embrace with open arms. My parents and I used to sit together every Tuesday night and watch the latest installment, which is a far cry away from recently as there has been a lot of bickering about what goes on the TV as of late. Myself and my dad are more Judge Judy people, whereas my mother is more of a Dog Whisperer kind of person. That does not make for a conducive household. Sometimes you just need to throw down.
Another awesome revelation is that Francis Capra, who played Eli “Weevil” Navarro, is a WoW nerd. Not that I play it myself, but I have had many an encounter with people who do. Hey, all I’m saying is we totally have loads in common. I mean, he plays it for 15 hours a day, I’ve sat in the background watching people play it. It’s like a match made in heaven.
For the past I don’t know how long, there has been a Veronica Mars movie buzz coming from the rumour mill. I sincerely hope it does eventually happen, because for one, Jason Dohring would make a reappearance.

Positive points:


Negative points:

He’s a second generation Scientologist. I’m sorry but I don’t care how pretty your face is – if you agree with Tom Cruise, you are wrong.


3 Responses to “Veronica Mars”

  1. Elly said

    Don’t judge the guy by his religion and his personal life but by his talent. And Jason Dohring is definitly talented, actually i am looking forward to see him in movie roles.

  2. Jack said

    Why do all the great shows get cancelled after a few series? More importantly, why can’t this treatment be applied to the Dog Whisperer?

  3. Andrew said

    @Elly, I think she was judging his hotness, not his acting, by his religious beliefs.

    When I was a kid, we used to watch Hercules the Legendary Journeys and The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. as a family. Now we mostly watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

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