Easter Egg Frivolities

August 20, 2009

So I’m trying very hard to balance having a normal life alongside my borderline obsession with Veronica Mars.

I’m rationalising it to myself; I’m no more fanatical than some people are about the Harry Potter fandom. I mean, some of those guys are nuts. I’m not going to turn up dressed as a character from the show (a persnickerty teen? ok, that doesn’t translate but you catch my drift) outside Chris Lowell’s house (tempting though it may be).

I think this is just because I’ve invested so much of my time into rewatching all of the three series’, and I’ve become so involved with it, that I don’t know what to do with myself now I’ve bombed through them all. I get like this a lot; it’s the same when I finish a really good book. If I don’t immediately throw myself into something distracting (this time it was watching possibly every Kristen Bell interview in existence) I sit and brood, and nobody likes a brooder.

In other news:
-My parents are back from their holiday, meaning I’m probably going to be eating regular meals and the kitchen bin will actually get emptied, rather than slowly becoming just a bigger mound of rubbish
-Despite picking up some extra work hours, I’ve seen a fair few of my friends lately which is nice because Uni starts again soon and I’ve no idea how time consuming (or not, as was the case last year) that will be. For all I feel like we haven’t done anything huge over this summer, it’s been nice just to go on little drives with people, or meet up for a drink in my “local” pub (I’m not quite at the stage where I can bang my fist on the bar and shout “The usual!” but I’m getting there)
-I’m on the cusp of being ready for my driving test. I still haven’t done my theory, which is dreadful, but after that it’s home free and onto the proper test and becoming a liability on the roads, only legally this time

I’ve had comments from people in the past on this blog, and I’d really like to know who (if anyone) reads this regularly. I know people must be finding it, otherwise there’d be no traffic at all. Otherwise I’ll just presume you’re a lurker. So, comment away! Unless you’re creepy, which is awesome too.

To the IRL person who left a comment a few weeks back, concerning (amongst other things) my YouTube shame and the idea of whether you should start a blog, you should totally do it. I could’ve conveyed this sooner, but just take this as my seeing if you’re still interested in what I have to say. It’s almost like when you’d include secret words in your emails to me. This is my easter egg to you.


One Response to “Easter Egg Frivolities”

  1. Andrew said

    You’re probably getting hits from people searching “veronica mars.” I’m a creepy lurker reading this regularly. Bet you didn’t see that coming.

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