August 28, 2009

Connecting to server…

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

A word of advice: “asl” is boring. Please find something more interesting to talk about!

You: I love you

Stranger: I love you too

You: What do we do about this?

Stranger: Well, this may be difficult

Stranger: But I can no longer deny my love, that’s for sure.

You: Boy do I know how you feel. I tried, but it’s just too strong

Stranger: I know, it’s so powerful and passionate, how can I keep it all bottled up?

You: Well, people keep those ships in bottles. Maybe you’ll have to do that until we can meet

Stranger: Just remember….

Stranger: I’ll always love you

Stranger: with all my heart.

You: Don’t go

You: If you leave me now

You: You’ll take away the biggest part of me

Stranger: You know I can’t just leave like that

Stranger: I’ll try to stay…

Stranger: but I can’t guarantee it’ll be forever…

You: Any time with you is sacred

You: I cherish these stolen conversations

Stranger: I do too, I keep them close at heart to keep my love full and flowing

You: I keep a printout of them on me at all times

You: I look at them often

Stranger: I keep it on my wall, a few in my pocket for when I’m away..

You: I do so hate when you’re away

Stranger: Me too, but life just gets so difficult..

You: What with my job as a travelling vacuum cleaner salesperson, and your job as an international super spy, I fear it may not work for us

Stranger: It’s so complicated. I mean, I have to make sure that these things cross with my career, things would get tricky, possibly dangerous.

Stranger: don’t cross*

Stranger: Sorry for any mistakes, currently working on hacking another computer system, always so busy.

You: I understand, my love. I just live in hope that one day you’ll reveal your true identity to me. I had hoped that after 35 years you would eventually take off your mask and cape, but I will wait until you are ready

Stranger: Thank you very much my darling, your patience just fills my heart with love and makes me want to be that much closer

You: Oh I would wait as long as necessary for you my love. I just wish to one day be the vacuum cleaner salesperson closest to your calculating, spyish heart

Stranger: Who knows, maybe work will bring us together some day, since we both are always going from place to place

You: Yes but you are forever lurking in the shadows, whereas I must be out in the open and possibly invited in for a cup of tea and a biscuit providing the sale goes well. What if our paths never cross?

Stranger: I will make sure they will. My mysterious ways can be quite the advantage when I need to achieve something

You: I do not doubt you. I have every confidence in your abilities my sweet. Maybe it could work, and maybe we could forge a life together!

Stranger: Of course, honey, we can make everything possible with our love.

You: Let’s get right to it then. After all these years, could you perhaps reveal even what gender you are? I would like to know what sexuality I identify myself as

Stranger: I am in fact an agile female.

You: Agile, you say? Well, I never considered myself as a lesbian but I guess there’s a first time for everything. Am I adopting the homemaker role?

Stranger: Ok ok, I’m sorry but this is too funny for me to continue this 🙂

You: But darling!

You: If you leave me now, you take away the biggest part of me. Oooooooooooooooooooooooo now, baby please don’t go

You: You’ll always wonder about the mysterious stranger from the internet if you leave now

Stranger: OH NO! Someone’s trying to get into the building! I’m so sorry, I wish I could stay but my duties are calling me. You’ll always be in my heart, dear…

You: *sob* I understand.

Stranger: I love you!

You: I love you too! Goodbye!

Stranger: Goodbye my love, may we hopefully meet one day..

I feel as though we connected.


One Response to “Omegle”

  1. Andrew said

    It was probably your mum.

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