November 22, 2009

Hey kids! Long time no strange one-sided conversation.

I really love the internet, along with all those weird lurkers who inhabit it, so it makes sense that I occasionally frequent Omegle. If you don’t know what Omegle is, it’s an anonymous chat site where you don’t have to share any personal information whatsoever, not even your name if you don’t want to. The handles consist of “You” and “Stranger” and I think the Omegle Conversations blog (links later) sums it up when it says, “Anonymity breeds insanity.” There are some strange people on that site. Which is why it is amazing. Allow me to share an excerpt with you of my hands down, all time favourite conversation.

Stranger: My goodness gracious I am amazed you got that reference being a wanker <English person> and all

You: I am filled with lots of amazing things

You: Like chocolate instead of organs

You: Knives instead of bones

Stranger: I have never contemplated eating a person so easily before

Stranger: Especially the knives

It is worth noting, this took place at 4 in the morning, and entirely in obnoxious capitals. It went on for well over an hour, and involved the swapping of numbers. Oh yeah, I got the digits.
We’re both girls who know each other as “Omegle Steve”- it’s a match made in odd, internet heaven.

So go! Have fun doing exactly what your parents told you not to, and talk to strangers on the internet.