New Year

January 12, 2010

So, I’m not usually one for change. I’m inherently lazy, which makes it difficult for me to actively do anything, unless it involves baked goods in some capacity. But this year, as with every new year since the history of ever, people are banging on about resolutions and change and all that good stuff. I though to myself, ‘Laura put down that Ferrero Rocher, that is your eleventh one today,’ but then I thought ‘If you put your resolutions on your blog, it might actually guilt you into keeping them.’ Here’s hoping.

1) Be more freaking organised. About an hour ago, I was getting ready to go to bed in order to get up for university tomorrow, and then I find out from a friend that we aren’t back until February. She saved me from looking a muppet at uni (in front of no-one, admittedly), although this does mean I have a lovely surprise extra few weeks of holiday.

2) Try and not fail at uni. Because of previously mentioned laziness, I leave everything until the last minute, and so have to do 3,000 word essays over the course of 6 hours. This leads me to making stuff up, just to fill the word count. I managed to slip YouTube into my latest one (Does that count as a skill?).

3) Learn to drive this year. This was my resolution last year, and I would have done it too, if it wasn’t for those pesky kids. Or the snow, which made my test get rescheduled. It’s now on my mother’s birthday, and wouldn’t it be a lovely present for her if she suddenly had someone to share her car with? Seriously, I can’t think of anything better. Happy birthday, hope you have a sweet insurance deal.

4) Blog more. Just because I’ve done it twice this week, doesn’t mean I can put it off for the next seven. I have an IRL diary too, which I haven’t managed to write in since November as, believe it or not, I’ve been busy fairly constantly since then, and this online deal makes it easier to remember where I was when.
Oh, I went to Video Games Live, it was bloody phenomenal. Best gig ever, without a doubt.
Went to Edinburgh with my mother, and I am going back in March, just for the food there. I shit you not. I am salivating already.
Christmas was sweet, New Year was win, I’m going through some changes at work but am still happy there, and my driving looks set to be on course. Providing I don’t do a handbrake turn and run over a bike. Again.

I’m kidding, there was no handbrake turn.

Hope all of you had a blinding festive season, and started 2010 in an awesome fashion, as I did. Eating hotdogs watching the Super Mario Bros movie, and then playing Mario Kart. Here’s to a nerdy 2010!


2 Responses to “New Year”

  1. Andrew said

    Holy crap, has it really been almost 2 years since I told you to blog more?! Time flies.
    If you like going places for the food, I recommend Washington state. Delicious all the time.

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