Facebook Woes

January 20, 2010

So, along with everybody else on the planet, I have a Facebook page. I recently received a friend request (recently as in literally about 5 minutes ago, and I hustled on over here to make note of this) from a boy who looks fairly pleasant, and we have a mutual amigo which is always a plus. As is customary with potential Facebook alliances, I was having a look around his pictures. Pretty standard fare, with some action shot rugby photos, half naked holiday snaps and himself in various poses in front of the mirror. It was then that I noticed some pictures appearing with certain semi-skinhead affiliated logos. I then stumbled across this little self-made gem:



5 Responses to “Facebook Woes”

  1. Jack said

    Yeah, that seems pretty much identical to genius.
    No, hold on. Not ‘genius’. That other word. What is it?
    Oh yeah. Idiocy. That’s the one.
    (Even though I agree with him – not in the far-right skinhead way implied, though. I won’t be voting this year because ALL the parties are as useless as each other, regardless of what the Daily Mail keeps trying to convince us.)

  2. laubrau said

    Why can’t there just be a decent party, who give out free cheese to voters and offer day trips to the seaside?
    This whole politics business will sort itself out, but my cheddar intake will not (or Laughing Cow triangles, I’m not picky).

  3. Jack said

    We shall therefore create the “Thoroughly Decent Party of Britain”, with complimentary dairy products and daily shuttles to Bamburgh for all. Our policies will, admittedly, be mostly cheese and holiday based, but I think the public deserve a little honesty for once, don’t you?

  4. Andrew said

    Yeah, we should all just not vote. That way, when the skinheads all vote for BNP, they won’t have any competition. That’ll learn the government. I know I won’t be voting in the UK elections for sure.

    P.S. You friended him right? He’s a keeper.

  5. laubrau said

    I totally friended him. I then later learned that the mutual friend we have only bumped into him by chance on a night out. They met in a back alley, and whilst her friend was hooking up with his, he spoke to her about the BNP for two hours. Oh, to be a part of his exciting life.

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