Music and Deviancy

May 19, 2010

I am making a promise to myself: Right after I finish this procrastoblog, I will start my final Criminology essay of the year. Technically, it should have been handed in two hours ago, but we’ll just breeze right on over that.

I was recently instructed, in no uncertain terms, to Blog Moar. As I cannot offer you a full length blog, at the expense of my impending essay writing, I will instead offer you this Baby Blog. Not a blog about babies, though.

May 16th marked the three year anniversary of the last big gig I went to. Two things to discuss here. I am a young, youthful youth, and so should probably have gone to more gigs recently. I don’t know why, but getting sweaty with a bunch of strangers just hasn’t been high on my list of things to do. Secondly, I went to see YouTube winners Julia Nunes and Greg Holden last June. I don’t really count this as a proper gig, because there were about twelve people there, so it was more of a small sing-along.

The band I saw on May 16th, 2007, was Good Charlotte. I await your mockery.

I always had to defend myself when I told people they were my favourite band. They were often classified as “teen punk”. Well, I was a teen, and if loving them was wrong, fuck that shit. I thought they were incredible. The main reason I started liking Good Charlotte was purely as an act of rebellion. I saw their Lifestyles music video on Kerrang, and noticed the guitarist had adopted a purely insane “Liberty Spikes” hairstyle. I thought I was some sort of goth/awesome hybrid at this point, so told my parents and my brother’s girlfriend that I was totally in love with the band, and they were “actually amazing”, despite having heard little of their music.
As I started to really listen to their stuff, I realised I could identify with a lot of their songs, in a way which was cool then, but now probably would just make me look like a needy teen. Over the years, my love never dwindled. In fact, I found out a girl in my year at school loved them too (along with Busted, but let’s just pretend they never happened), and we’re still friends to this day because of it. I probably owe a lot of my current awesome points to the things I learned and felt as a result of listening to their music.

So, the gig happened. It was everything I could have hoped for, and more. I was right near the front, managed to maintain my enthusiasm throughout, and they were pretty decent live too, which I can’t say for every band I’ve seen.
The best thing happened after the gig had finished, however.
Once everyone from the standing area had begun to disperse, I saw there was a group of maybe 20 kids, all holding onto a towel, pulling it in all directions. I had lost my friends in the crowd at this point, and had everything to gain, so I joined in. Security soon made their way over, and demanded the towel be handed in, as we were making too much of a scene. Bearing in mind, I’d loved this band since before I knew what the internet was, I knew I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by. I snivelled up to the security guard.
“Excuse me?” I said, in the best pathetic voice I could muster, as I tapped him on the shoulder.
“Yeah?” He had all the compassion of a bag of sand.
“That towel was actually mine first, and then they all came over and grabbed it off me,” I simpered, along with the best doe eyes I’ve ever produced. I was lying through my teeth, clearly. I’d probably been the last one to join the towel fracas, but the other kids had given up and left, so nobody was there to call bullshit on me.
“Yeah well,” he grunted as he turned away, “You were all making it dangerous for the other people in the crowd.”
“But but but,” or something equally intelligent came out of my face at this point. “It was mine, and they all joined in and STOLE IT off me. :(” I really made that face. What a lying whore I was.
He looked at me and clearly couldn’t resist my whiney charm. “Ok, wait here. I’ll go get it for you.”
Oh thank you, security guard man. I could literally cry tears of lies all over your face.

I did nearly get rumbled, though. He made me wait with a woman security officer, who asked me casually who the towel belonged to. I didn’t even know the towel existed until I’d started pulling at it with all of the strength I possessed.
“Um…” Fuck. Shit. Bollocks.
Then a random passer by girl said, “Oh, it was Billy’s towel. I was at that side of the stage.”
“Yeah, I just reached out and grabbed it.” I silently thanked the Gods of Towel and Gigdom for sending this girl to save me. The security lady laughed, so I knew she didn’t want to immediately strip me of any towel privileges. The man came back, I smuggled the towel away in my mother’s handbag, and I went home happy.

Well, there you have it. A pointlessly long blog about a towel. You’re welcome.


2 Responses to “Music and Deviancy”

  1. Andrew said

    I saw them at warped tour 2000 or 2001. Whenever it stopped being a sub-culture punk rock show and started to be a marketing gimmick. I was big into marketing gimmicks at the time (impulse buys were my specialty). So I saw them, wasn’t impressed (they already weren’t cool at that point anyway). Then again, I hurdled empty chairs, at what essentially was a free concert by the Presidents of the United States of America (they played the county fair), and fought off absolutely nobody to get a guitar pick tossed out in the “crowd.” I mean, free pick, come on. I suppose we all have our musical guilty pleasures, yours just happens to suck the most. =]

  2. laubrau said

    With your chair throwing you either sound like a total rock star, or a guest on Jerry Springer.
    Impulse buys are always a favourite. The best impulse buy I’ve ever impulse bought was a set of Russian dolls in the form of Henry VIII, with his wives hidden inside him. Actually, I don’t regret that, they are awesome.
    In short, impulse buys are never a bad idea.

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