This blog post was prompted by my watching of the introduction videos to the latest incarnations of the Vloglovers channel on YouTube. It got me to thinking about long distance relationships, and relationships in general. Then it got me to thinking about how I have an exam in six hours, how little revision I’ve done, and how easy it is to forget about that whilst writing a blog post.
My boyfriend and I live about twenty minutes away from each other, by car. That’s three bus rides away, but still not too far, and doable in about an hour and a half. Still, I find it’s too far away. I read a quote recently that at some point during your approach to adulthood, the place that you’ve grown up in just stops becoming your home, and you feel the need to create one for yourself. I mean, I love living at home and my parents are awesome, but I am a proper adult now. I need to go out and explore. I can’t live in my childhood bedroom forever.
When I was about ten, I really liked this boy in my street. I got it into my head that he’d think it was cool if my room had a space theme. Yeah, ten year olds use logic and reason, then apply it to life. The long and short of it is, I still have glow in the dark stars on my ceiling. No lie, it’s pretty awesome, but you see my point. I should be living in a beige apartment somewhere, with wood floors and arty twigs covered in fairy lights adorning my mantlepiece (not a euphemism).
It’s not that I want to trap Bearded Boyfriend into living with me. I don’t want to suck him into my fairy-lit mortgage pit of despair (also, not a euphemism). It would just be nice to come home to a place that I’d worked hard to create. It’s difficult to feel that when you’ve got a part time job and are surrounded with posters of your favourite childhood toys. Sylvanian Families and Pok√©mon, I’m looking at you.
To bring this back to my original point, I can’t comprehend being in a long-distance relationship. I’ve never done it, and have no plans to. I’m a very touchy-feely (not gropey though, unless I know you well) person. I like to be able to hug people, or punch their teeth out by accident. (Bearded Boyfriend tickled me. I am not responsible for my flailing limbs.)
BB and I are swiftly approaching our three year anniversary. During the month of July, not only will I be turning 21, but it will also mark the time when BB becomes my longest relationship, which is a title I feel he deserves. Anyone who can put up with my irritating self for that long, needs some sort of recognition. And, I am not just saying this to be all ‘Nyerrm, compliment me please! I need validation!’ No, I am fucking annoying. I know this. I have made peace with this. So has he, evidently.
Thank you, if you read this stream of drivel. I’m now going to go back to revising, then will hopefully fit in a two hour nap. How I’m not getting better grades, I’ll never know.