Blog Pimpin’

April 24, 2011

While I’m here, I thought I’d drop you a couple of blogs I enjoy very much:
Jimmy Liar, a lovely little blog written by an actual online-turned-IRL friend of mine. That doesn’t mean I’m biased, not at all. He’s one of the wittiest and most intelligent people I know, and I’m so excited when I get an email telling me he’s written a new post. I don’t want you to get big-headed though, sir. Your blog’s ok. 9/10. Could do with more pictures of kittens.

Left Bank Manc, a girl who I actually know not at all in real life, so my love is purely objective. I think she’s a friend of a friend, but I don’t know if that counts. A very funny account of a young British girl living in Paris. You think this would be glamorous, but she struggles with Not Being Able to Speak French and Finding a Lego Man Attractive, which is all very much the opposite.

That’s it for now, Interneters. My online-turned-perhaps-IRL-if-this-summer-happens-according-to-plan friend Andrew also once had a blog, filled with excellent stories from his childhood, but that hasn’t been updated in quite a while. I am upset about this. Andrew, if you’ve started a new blog that I’m not aware of, please make me aware of it 🙂
Thank you sirs, I’m off to bed!


So Internet, it’s been a while.

I should start this blog out by saying that it’s 5am, so probably nothing of what I’m about to say will be coherent. I’m sort of sorry for that, but what I’m mostly sorry for is that it’s 5am and I’m not in bed yet. I am going to hate life when I have to get up. Apologies, Future Self.

One of my (many) New Year’s Resolutions was to blog more, at least once a month. I, clearly, have not done that. I don’t think that means I get to start the year over, but I should really take this opportunity to make amends. Should I do five one-word blogs? I think that might be cheating.

Really, this dissertation is taking more out of my than I thought it would. I am really laid back, to the point that I actually don’t care about a lot of things, so working this hard is really weird for me. Normally I knock out essays in one night, like any good uni student, but that’d be pretty impossible for my 8,500 word Everest. It has to be handed in in a couple of weeks time (God help me), so after that I’m pretty much home free, ready to graduate, become an adult and have an ACTUAL social life. Wow.

Because of my stupid workload, I’ve not really had a chance to go out a whole lot, but I have been to see the awesome film The Room twice in the past couple of months. If you haven’t seen it, I can’t recommend it highly enough. A word of advice though- see it in a packed cinema with a load of people who know what’s going on. Watching it at home will not be nearly as enjoyable an experience.

The first time we saw it, I was with Bearded Boyfriend and my Tallest Amigo, and we really didn’t know what to expect. We’d heard a lot about spoons and footballs, but had only really seen short clips on YouTube, so we went in fairly blind. Ah, I wish we were blind. That movie is atrocious, but only in the best possible way. We’ve seen it three times now, and each visit we’ve brought along another Room Virgin. I feel like we’re doing Tommy Wiseau a favour, and spreading his message of utter shite all across Newcastle. You’re welcome, Wiseau.

Check your local listings, religiously. If you see this movie is playing, go. Drag all the people you know that like mirth, and enjoy. Oh, and bring plenty of plastic spoons. Like, hundreds.