Blog Pimpin’

April 24, 2011

While I’m here, I thought I’d drop you a couple of blogs I enjoy very much:
Jimmy Liar, a lovely little blog written by an actual online-turned-IRL friend of mine. That doesn’t mean I’m biased, not at all. He’s one of the wittiest and most intelligent people I know, and I’m so excited when I get an email telling me he’s written a new post. I don’t want you to get big-headed though, sir. Your blog’s ok. 9/10. Could do with more pictures of kittens.

Left Bank Manc, a girl who I actually know not at all in real life, so my love is purely objective. I think she’s a friend of a friend, but I don’t know if that counts. A very funny account of a young British girl living in Paris. You think this would be glamorous, but she struggles with Not Being Able to Speak French and Finding a Lego Man Attractive, which is all very much the opposite.

That’s it for now, Interneters. My online-turned-perhaps-IRL-if-this-summer-happens-according-to-plan friend Andrew also once had a blog, filled with excellent stories from his childhood, but that hasn’t been updated in quite a while. I am upset about this. Andrew, if you’ve started a new blog that I’m not aware of, please make me aware of it 🙂
Thank you sirs, I’m off to bed!


One Response to “Blog Pimpin’”

  1. Andrew said

    I had another blog, where I reviewed movies. It is also not updated, but there’s a backlog and the fans (i.e. internet friends) enjoyed it back in the day. In college (uni), I thought that NANOWRIMO was too much too quickly, but I decided to write a book anyways. I got in 7 chapters of complete nonsense and utter drivel before it went idle. It’s quite post-modern (read: pretentious prattle) and weird, if I remember correctly. You’re welcome to that as well: It’s archives to me, but brand new to you, so it’s almost like I have an internet presence still!

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