O hai Mark.

My given name is Laura, but you can call me what the Dickens you like. Some preferred options would either be “Lau” or “Sugartits”. Usually only my parents and Mel Gibson call me that, I’ll let you work out which way around though.
You can’t really take a lot of what I say seriously.
I make a lot of “That’s what she said” style comments, usually only in my head but sometimes they escape. Apologies.
I read a lot, almost to the point of obsession, and sometimes I talk about it. Sometimes I don’t. Although, something you can always be sure of is that I make a shitty lemon meringue pie.
I’ve found that “quirky” is often a synonym for “weird”.
Mostly this blog gets updated when I’m avoiding doing something, and almost always at silly hours of the morning.

I am elsewhere, too!


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